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Elephant Sperm Crystal Stone


Elephant Sperm Crystal Stone




In addition to the pellet / purging function as mentioned above, this seperma elephant crystal stone can also be used to attract customers, attract attention from superiors / co-workers, make clients loyal to buy our products and for entertainers to make every one who sees you amazed by the aura radiated. And can even be used as a medium of virility to boost the ability of sex, both for men and women who suffer from frigidity or cold disease in terms of sexuality.
Seperma Elephant crystal stones naturally emit Vibration which has benefits, including:

Benefits of pelleting and purging: so you can easily melt your lover or new acquaintance.
Emits natural attraction: so you look different and are easily accepted wherever you are.
Open the beauty / beauty aura: You will look more beautiful / handsome.
Launch a match: a means to facilitate getting and bringing in a mate.
Preventing infidelity: so your partner will be more loyal to you.
Bring out charisma: You have the power of natural charisma and without people knowing your grip.
Raising authority: You will be respected and respected by anyone you meet.
Enchant your partner / opposite sex, or similar: Add the charm of your partner’s love.
Binding partner loyalty: Your lover or partner is getting more loyal.
Increase self-confidence: Your brave soul will increase sharply.
Reconcile family members: Households get more harmonious and peaceful
Household harmony: The household you want will be realized, harmonious, and romantic and intact.
Make it easy for new contacts (association): Make you easy to get new contacts.
Enchanting means: You can use Elephant Mani to attract hearts, good intentions.
Energy tools Magnet Love: You have the magnetic power of love, so many people love you.

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Weight 1000 g


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