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Fire Dragon Stone Pendant


Fire Dragon Stone Pendant




Dragons are very believed to exist by ancient Javanese people. At one time, in a prosperous country in northern Pancala, a king ruled with compassion. His kingdom is peaceful and harmonious. Because of this, a dragon became interested in coming and living in a lake near his palace. The existence of the dragon and then make the fields of the kingdom flowed well.

Instead, his rival kingdom, Pancala Selatan, was ruled by a cruel king. As a result the country was dry and hit by poverty.

“Your behavior will not make any dragon want to bless nature,” the minister said to the king as they went hunting and passing villages.

The king also said he would give a gift to anyone who was able to bring the dragon in northern Pancala to his kingdom. Syahdan, the snake charmer starts weaving the dragon’s enchanting spell. They guarantee in seven days the dragon will come.

The dragon felt the spell and found it difficult to break free. Fortunately, a hunter named Halaka lives next to the lake where he lives. Halaka helped him free himself from the spell of the spell. In return, the dragon gave him magical abilities. The hunter will not fail to ensnare his prey.

this is the spell that is filled in this pendant stone. the original spells of the ancestors descended. This stone pendant, has a policy for authority, prosperity and glory in every business that you live.

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Weight 300 g


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