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Grandfather Semar's Fossil Stone


Grandfather Semar’s Fossil Stone





The legend of Grandmother Semar is very legendary on the island of Java because it is believed by the Javanese community that Grandmother Semar is a spiritual figure of the Javanese people. In this Semar Grandmother resides the very old and very strong khodam of Grandmother Semar. because it is said in the stories of the ancient books of the Javanese if there is a quarrel or war if Grandmother Semar intervenes then all will be peaceful and there will be no more misunderstandings. and the power of his love for fellow human beings is immense.
The benefits of Grandfather Semar’s fossil rock are:
attract the opposite sex
Captivating couples to unite forever
Easy mate
Harmony of spouse and household
Returning a spouse or boyfriend or husband or wife who ran away will come back again
Attract buyers to become repeat customers
Trusted by entrepreneurs to get wholesale buyers
Liked by staff and employees to get the attention of their leaders
Providing fencing and repelling reinforcements from all disturbances of evil supernatural beings
Avoiding and neutralizing the woes of life

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Weight 500 g


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