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Jayaningrum Mustika


Jayaningrum Mustika




When someone decides to become an entrepreneur, many aspects must be fulfilled and mastered. Both in terms of marketing, maintenance, planning, packaging, branding and cleanliness, of course. It is not uncommon for people to start a business without having it all, or it is called desperate capital.

Yes, there are successes and many fail. Well, most of those who fail will introspect themselves and try to try mentally and try to be born. Namely, when someone prays it is definitely necessary to try or when someone promises to be taken care of immediately.

For that reason, on this page I will introduce the inner stone mustika. I call this Mustika Stone Mustika jayaningrum.

This Mustika is a magical object that has a special compassionate energy for inheritance. The energy contained in mustika is emitted by khodam. The mustika stone that I got through the process of withdrawal from the supernatural in the Gedong Songo Temple area, more precisely in the hot spring spurts in the area.

For that, for those of you who have business-related problems and want your business to progress, this tool is suitable for you to use. God willing, all property will benefit you.

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