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Magic Stone "Anjasmoro"

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Magic Stone “Anjasmoro”

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The following values ​​from this item are presented below:

– The power of object magic will help you to advance in your career or improve your financial situation

– You will be able to improve a bad financial situation

– If you have a business, sales will increase

– You will grow more successful in your business, especially in all types of businesses or professions

– You will be able to attract love and affection from others

– You will increase your spirituality and receive healing

– You will be able to ward off and avoid black magic, songs, spells, magic, etc.

– You will be safe from danger, accidents and physical injuries

– You will counteract all forms of bad luck, misfortune, and negative energy

– The magic power of objects will help you improve your relationship with friends, family and loved ones

– You will find your soul mate

– Receive protection from danger and improve your health

– You will receive physical and metaphysical healing

– This versatile item and genie will help you complete any task, and the genie will help you realize the desired results for any purpose or desire



With the strength of this particular stone that you want, you will be able to reach many goals easily and improve many aspects of your life. From accumulating great wealth to increasing your spirituality, all your desires will be fulfilled. Serving as a general helper for all aspects of your life, this easy-to-use magical item is a great addition to anyone’s magical inventory, or even just as your only magical item if you only want luck and success.

This amulet is inhabited by spirit fairies from Mount Anjasmoro, in East Java. The spirit originated from the Majapahit Empire era, around the 15th – 16th century. The spirit was used to serve as the spiritual servant of the king’s wife and wife. These spirits tend to manifest themselves in the form of traditional Javanese dancers. This spirit is a very loyal and versatile companion spirit. The Spirit will help you in many aspects of your life.

This item is very easy to use. It only requires a simple spell to be completed to take advantage of the strength contained in the stone.



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Weight 200 g


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