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Magic Stone Leyak


Magic Stone Leyak




Bali is a special island. Because, in Bali there are a number of beautiful beaches, romantic honeymoon places, and a contemporary hangout. However, in Bali all the frenetic and heavenly offerings offered by the Island of the Gods, it turns out that there are some mysterious places that are famously haunted. In fact, people who live around these places often get disturbances from invisible creatures.
Leak, the creature in the form of a head and the contents of the innards that floated looking for victims. Many reports have become eyewitnesses about the appearance of this LeYak. Not surprisingly, every month dies (night without moon) there is always a special ritual in the mock to protect the people from the disturbance of LeYak. Leak is believed to be the incarnation of people who master the science of ‘black’. Leak is also believed to be able to kill humans briefly, or slowly with prolonged suffering. Conon, Leak has a long story since the kingdom in Indonesia. Narrated during the reign of Airlangga (1006 – 1042 AD) in East Java, there lived a powerful mandraguna widow named Dayu Datu from Girah Village. This village is located in the coastal region of the Kingdom of Kediri. This Dayu Datu came to be known as Calonarang.

Calonarang wrote all his magic into a “Book” – which his followers called the Book of Calonarang. But later, Mpu Bharadah succeeded in defeating Calonarang and securing the book so that his knowledge was not widespread. The problem should be solved here if only Calonarang’s students were killed. Unfortunately, they managed to escape to Bali. The knowledge they have learned from the teacher has been preserved until now we call it Leak.

What’s interesting is that at that time, the popular religion was the Tantrayana Buddhism. Tantrayana teaches shortcuts to Moksa. The ceremonies carried out include dancing on the graves with musical accompaniment (the kangsi and humanak instruments) while drinking blood and eating corpses carried out at night naked. This teaching was also followed by King Kertanegara (1268-1292 AD) from Singasari. In this way there was a meeting of the soul between the performers and the goddess.

This leak science can be learned on palm oil which contains a series of black magic. Lontar-lontar or ancient books made from palm leaves which are made in such a way that are 30 cm long and 3 cm wide, above the sign are written in Balinese script with very sacred language.

The science of leYak itself consists of several levels:

1. Lower Level LeYak Science.
This person can change his form into animals such as monkeys, dogs, white chickens, goats, sows (bangkung) and others.

2. Middle Level LeYak Science
This person has been able to change his form into a Garuda Bird can fly high, venomous beak and claws, his eyes can come out fire, can also be transformed into a Jaka Tungul or palm tree without leaves whose trunk can emit fire and poisonous stench.

3. High Level LeYak Science
This person has been able to change his form into Bade, which is in the form of a tower carrying twenty-one-level bodies or overlapping in Balinese and the entire body of the tower contains soaring fire so that anything that hits its target can be burned to ashes.

if you go to the island of Bali you will surely find out more details about the ancient science. And finally you know about the power of ancient science at the time of the ancient kingdom in Java.

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