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Magic Stone "Sand Gold"

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Magic Stone “Sand Gold”

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The benefits of this Magic Stone “Sand Gold” are:

As a means of increasing opportunities to gain wealth.

Open the wealth aura from within you.

Cleanses negative energy and problems that prevent you from getting richer.

Attract all forms of sustenance wherever you are.

Increase sensitivity You see opportunities that you can maximize to get wealth.

Make it easy for you, to find the right business relationships that will help you gain wealth.



Realancientmagic.com has many magical objects, one of which is Golden Sand Magic Stone, Magic Stone is our collection that we just got from the ritual process in the tomb of Prabu Hayam Wuruk in East Java. Hayam Wuruk was a prabu who was very famous in the Majapahit kingdom, he was very manly and brave when leading the Majapahit royal army. It was in this tomb, we got the Magic Stone of the Golden Sand, the process of getting this stone did not take a long time, because before the ritual process long ago we had negotiated with the supernatural authorities in that area.

This positive energy from magic stones has the benefit of increasing your wealth, from the efforts you have been working on so far. If you have this magic stone, the energy will give you a change in your life, in the future to achieve success in various fields of business that you will be involved in all this time, without you realizing your confidence will increase so that you will always win in business competition.


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Items can vary in size, color, and appearance of the displayed image; But the goal will remain the same as described above.


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