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Magic Stone Snail Buntet

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Magic Stone Snail Buntet

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The benefits of buntet snail stones are:

Energy from this stone, leads you to keep walking on the path of salvation.

Avoid you from all kinds of poisons that exist in the body that can endanger your safety and health.

Energy As a means of high-level mental safety.

look after you both physically and metaphysically.

As a spiritual means to protect the safety of your soul from all kinds of distress that can threaten safety.

Avoid you from enemy attacks.

Makes you more sensitive in feeling the impending danger that can come.



The magic stone snail buntet is a magic stone that occurs through the formation of natural events. Although named after a snail, it does not mean that this object is a small animal called a snail. This mystical object is nothing but a mustika, mustika believed to be mustika protection. In our site there are many different kinds of stone that have the magic. This rock mustika is different from other mustika stones. In terms of form and energy.

In natural terms, indeed this magic stone, has energy formed from universal energy. However, with energy cleaning, replenishment and locking of energy in it, by our spiritual teacher who makes the Buntet snail as a mustika which is very useful to bring strength to ourselves.


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