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Magical Fossil "Golden Rain"


Magical Fossil “Golden Rain”




This enchanted object is occupied by several spirits with the power of Cosmic Divine, which will benefit you most in the business of your company; with an uninterrupted and indirect method. Spirits will confirm that you are not short of money. They will help solve difficult problems and business-related complications and your business will prosper and bear fruit. You will also be adored by other people such as bosses, colleagues, employees, friends, guests, etc. You will be safe from adverse effects and unwanted energy. This will reduce the futile effort to damage your business from both insiders and opponents. It can also make all your dreams, desires, and goals come true.

Khodamic spirits do not have body origin, because they consist of light energy. Their energy starts from the dynamics of a thousand dinar divine prayer. They are old spiritual spirits, but their exact age is doubtful. They manifest in the form of light.

The enchanted object also includes the energy of a thousand dinar prayer asthma in addition to helping increase the power of the spirit, consequently bringing more help and quality to the handler. Having this enchanted object does no harm to the handler and all power comes from the divine foundation.

The virtue of this enchanted object:

  1. Helps you improve your financial situation
  2. Help to ensure that your business will grow and bear fruit
  3. Protect your business from incoming attacks, both physical and metaphysical
  4. Expel all negative influences or negative energy given to the business
  5. Make sure your business venture becomes successful
  6. Make sure you never run out of money
  7. Help sort out problems and problems about business
  8. Being liked and noticed by many people
  9. Can realize all your dreams, desires, and intentions

Note: Items can vary in size, color, and appearance of the image displayed; but the goal remains the same as described above.

Additional information

Weight 2000 g


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