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Magical Fossil White Crocodile Egg


Magical Fossil White Crocodile Egg




All items in this site have a very strong and positive spirit. a means to change your life better.

Some of the advantages of white crocodile egg fossil stones are:

  1. Give you luck and luck; ease your way to success
  2. Ensure success in all your endeavors
  3. Helping you develop and advance your business, career, etc.
  4. Ensuring your business has a stable customer base and profit and continues to increase
  5. Helps you find your best mate and life partner
  6. Bringing happiness and satisfaction in all relationships
  7. Attract wealth from all directions to you
  8. Bringing you a lot, no need for you to remain unfulfilled

After the package comes then we will provide the right instructions for you. to avoid errors in the instructions. you have guidance throughout your life. i will give you a little incantation to memorize, as long as using each item from me.

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Weight 200 g


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