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Magical Pearl Of Earth


Magical Pearl Of Earth




Magical pearls of the earth is one of the pearls that has a very strong companion spirit. There are many elements found in the earth. Energy is very strong and special. Give a special impression in your life

Magical pearls of the earth have the following properties:

Spiritual healing, strong spiritual insight, miracles of creation, messages from above, trust in one’s own abilities, confidence, observant vision, inner vision, endurance, divinity, strength, energy, wisdom, and understanding.

Magical pearls of the earth are said to give their special magical virtue to their owners. This pearl has all the extraordinary characteristics that can be seen from the very positive energy that gives a change in your life. I, as a spiritual practitioner, often use this to help my clients who need a lot of support from everyone and their families. Earth pearl owners will see their lives, spiritual energy, and mental clarity filled with all the virtues associated with the “Great Spirit” that is in the ground.

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Weight 1000 g


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