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Magical Purba Stone

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Magical Purba Stone

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The Benefits Of This Magical Purba Stone Are:

The energy from this stone makes the fortress magical to you, your home, place of business, and your family.

Neutralize the negative aura around it.

Its strong energy can ward off black magic attacks aimed at your home / place of business.

The positive energy from this stone provides comfort and security for your place of residence.

Your family is more harmonious.

Making other people always feel happy and calm when are at your home.



Realancientmagic.com gives a variety of stones that are so complete, we also have ancient stones that have properties that are very effective to ward off all kinds of black magic attacks from all over the world. This ancient rock we got from kejawen spiritual figures, this hereditary heritage from their ancestors which continues to be well maintained and stored in a special place. All are maintained from the next generation of generation. Nothing has changed with the relics, authenticity is maintained until now.

The energy strength of this ancient stone is very special, any kind of magic will not be easy to penetrate the fortress of the energy contained in these ancient stones. All of this has been tested for decades from previous generations. It was once a supporter of the fortress of magical defenses of one of the kejawen spiritual arts groups in Indonesia. This rock is very suitable for spiritual experts who have so many groups, so as to become an invisible fortress of black magic attacks.


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