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Magical Stone "Angel"


Magical Stone “Angel”




The story of 7 beautiful nymphs who descended from heaven to baths on the island of Java is very popular. This story revolves around the life of the main character named Jaka Tarub. After adulthood, he was named Ki Ageng Tarub. Ki Ageng Tarub is a figure who is considered to be the ancestor of the Mataram dynasty, a dynasty that ruled the politics of Javanese land – partially or completely – since the 17th century until now. According to community sources in Widodaren village, Gerih, Ngawi, this incident occurred in the village. As evidence of the local community believing because there was a review of Jaka Tarub’s tomb in the village. The average local community knows the story of Jaka Tarub with 7 angels. The name of the Widodaren village is believed by the local community to come from the word widodari which means in the Indonesian language is an angel. In this village there is also a spring which is said to have been the place where the nymphs bathed and Jaka Tarub took a scarf from one of the nymphs.

It was from this story that we began to step towards the place accompanied by our spiritual teacher. From Surabaya it may take a long distance, it can take 5 to 6 hours. As we are determined to want to make a spiritual journey in the area, and want to know firsthand the energy level that is in the bathing place of the beautiful nymphs, there is no obstacle for the realancientmagic.com team to carry out the ritual in that area.

Our spiritual teacher told us that hopefully we can meet one of the beautiful women who are said to be descendants of Jaka Tarub and beautiful nymphs. If you meet is very lucky, told the locals. He brings good luck to those who meet, all your will will definitely be achieved. After arriving at the place of the angel baths. We began the process of performing a ritual to invite the beautiful woman. Not long, strong winds start to spin around us. Water like a very strong wave, the fog starts to descend from the direction of the hill with the shadow of a woman heading towards us. Our spiritual teacher told us, don’t let anyone run, whatever happens is still in your place. Our spiritual teacher greeted the beautiful woman, she dressed as a king’s daughter in Java. He just smiled and didn’t say much, he just threw a colorful chunk of rock right in front of us. Before he disappeared the woman said with a Javanese word “iki kuwi watu kanggone cek rejo, iso kanggo sopo wae” which means this stone is for luck and can be for anyone.

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