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Magical Stone “Asmorojiwo”


Magical Stone “Asmorojiwo”




This is one of the most powerful magical objects available, The power transferred to this magic stone is the power that has been passed down from Saints and Walis. These powers have been revealed to me who can now bring you this powerful magic stone, without the need for you to carry out a heavy ritual of fasting, a long reading or daily singing. This stone, has been specially made so that end users can automatically benefit from great strength with extraordinary ease and simplicity.The magic stone has been refined so that it can work instantly for users. The strength of the rock will begin to settle in your energy structure in a short time and you will feel and pay attention to the effect when working around you.

This stone, has various magical and spiritual powers, powers that can be used for worldly activities and forces that you can use for certain effects. Without having to spend years in practice and training, the inclusion of a simple verse has been included to help you adjust to strength quickly, so you can speed up the bonding process.

The magical virtues of this item are presented below:

High level of general attraction, (stronger than implants and ‘implant’ rituals)

It has a super bright aura area that is extended a few meters from you. Your aura will be considered White with a blue tinge on the end. People will be attracted to you easily by the magnetic power of your aura.

Your presence will have high enchanting power. People will find you irresistible and will easily obey your words and suggestions. Your commands will sink into their sub-consciousness easily.

You will have the power of pulung gono. You will be able to influence certain people with high-level spells to easily attract that person to you and make them fall in love with you.

Your business will increase in sales; You will easily get success and money from all compass points easily.

You will have the power of “strong bond” of high-level magnetic power that is often used by politicians and businessmen and business women and Indonesian women to always get wealth and never fall in a position without power or money.

Additional information

Weight 300 g


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