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Magical Stone "Crow"


Magical Stone “Crow”




Crow is often associated with natural phenomena associated with the mysteries of the world of astral beings. Many kejawen clergy consider this bird an unlucky bird. But this bird is actually a smart cat. Black birds are considered a sign of magic in an area. Reportedly, magicians can turn themselves into black statues. This ability is used by magicians to escape from witch hunters that often occur at that time. Magicians also use black crow media to convey their message to other magicians.

The arrival of black crows as a sign of trouble is coming. a swarm of black crows flew north, masses would come. The black crow is the incarnation of the Goddess Morrigan. Morrigan is a goddess who always appears during war and death. Because he serves as an intermediary between the human world and the spirit world. When viewed from its shape, crows are a type of bird that is very ugly when compared to other bird species. This is what causes many people to assume that, the presence of crows as a sign of bad luck. According to the spiritual leader of Kejawen, even his appearance is often associated with death or as a sign of the arrival of the obituary. It is said that if a crow rotates above the house, there will be residents who will die soon.

Quite a lot of people believe this. So when they hear a sound or see a crow, they believe that someone will die. So, is it true that crow is a sign of death? Having dark colors, hoarseness and ear piercings, making Crow often associated with mystical things, many hate the appearance of crows which is synonymous with black magic and magic.

In Indonesia, especially many people are identified with signs of disaster for those who listen to it. Crows are known to have strange behavior towards the deaths of fellow humans: they gather and squeeze hard. The usual response, this is part of the funeral ritual. But what they are actually doing is still largely a mystery, because scientists must rely on information that is not necessarily related to this behavior. Crow is now known as one of a group of birds that can recognize or mourn each other’s death. Elephants, giraffes, chimpanzees, and several types of Corvid birds are also known to cluster among their comrades who have just died.

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