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Magical Stone Fossil Dragon


Magical Stone Fossil Dragon




Equipped with a dragon khodam spirit that can be ordered!Khodams have many strengths and attributes that are highly sought after in Metaphysics. It brings its owners a series of amazing virtues and strengths that will help them in all aspects of life.

This dragon fossil stone is purified with prayers, spells, and blessings for 1000 full days. It has in it the power of the strong water dragon khodam and powerful divine energy that will bring to its owner the expansion of the psychic senses from time to time, great inner strength, the appeal of good fortune in all efforts, the acquisition of wealth and prosperity as well as sacred protection offerings, and healing power.

I have empowered to use the Nurbuat prayer, Sulaiman hijb, Ismu’adhom, Yusuf Letter, Mubarok and other powerful rituals. Khodam naga can be contacted and ordered for various purposes. The contact method is simple and instructions will be given. This is a perfect item that can be given / forwarded to friends and family.

The following benefits from this item are presented below:

  1. With the strength of this stone, your five senses and clairvoyance will develop to a high level.
  2. Inner Strength (Chi) will increase rapidly and with strength.
  3. Your financial situation will increase rapidly and you will find it easier to attract wealth.
  4. Stone Magickal will cure sick people just bring it to you for this purpose or give it to sick people to help improve health there.
  5. Your Prayer and Visualization will have greater power in manifestation.
  6. The strength in this stone and the Angelic Khodam will help attract people or friends to you even loved ones, He can be ordered to attract your soul mate.
  7. Strength will fend off psychic attacks and black magic and return them to the source, you will be protected and helped when danger lurks nearby.
  8. Strength in this stone will help change your character; it will help in developing higher divine expressions such as Love, Chastity, and Compassion etc.
  9. Your presence will have strength and your words will come true
  10. You will have a radiant aura and get a charming appearance.

Note: All items are equipped with Item Instruction Paper. This will be sent to you after you confirm receipt of your package. The Instruction Paper will tell you how to use and maintain your goods. Contact us to let us know that you have received your package to obtain this item’s Instruction Paper.

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Weight 3000 g


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