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Magical Stone "Frog Stealth"


Magical Stone “Frog Stealth”




In this frog stone there is a jinny king of frogs residing in it. I will include the name of your shipment. All have a positive aura. There is no taboo to use it.

the stone benefits of “frog stealth” are:
The magical fence and guard of his master.
Suitable for entrepreneurs and officials, so that the business is always awake from Robbery, SANTET, from people who are evil evil shirk.
Suitable to keep the Bank from losing money due to unauthorized withdrawals.
Anti-witchcraft, guarding the family and avoiding witchcraft.
The kebatinan helmet science so that it is always directed and maintained by Khodam.
Is a high-level and super strong khodam, SANTET and the evil will turn to the sender

Additional information

Weight 3000 g


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