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Magical stone "garlic"


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Magical stone “garlic”


The benefits of “garlic” magickal stone are:

Neutralize negative energy in yourself.

The energy is able to treat possessed people.

Expel all ghosts.

Fortify you from attacks of jinn and evil spirits.

Increase your concentration power.

Out of stock



Garlic is not only used as a flavoring food, but its benefits can also be used for health. Based on a number of expert research, garlic can be a medicine for liver disease, prevent and treat baldness, cleanse your arteries and cleanse the blood, relieve cold and flu symptoms, Garlic stimulates nerve nodes and breaks the subconscious brain waves. Besides that from earlier times garlic was known as an antidote to demons, so that all kinds of genies, evil spirits would run away.

The “garlic” magickal stone also has similarities to the benefits mentioned above. The energy of this garlic fossil has been transferred from a spiritual teacher who has a high level of spiritual art, to be included in this fossil. With ancient spells and high-level holy prayers energy is formed. which is so natural and has the benefit of protection from attacks by spirits. We have recommended this empowerment for you and we have tested it before we offer this product to you. And the results are very maximal and easy to carry everywhere.



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