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Magical Stone "Keprabon"

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Magical Stone “Keprabon”

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Magical stone “Keprabon” is one of our collections that aims to improve the process of your life’s journey to be better than before. For international clients there is always satisfaction with every magical item that I recommend to them. All returned with your beliefs. Because every item that I recommend to you is having a source of energy from a strong spirit, holy prayer, and divine nur. I intentionally collaborated in such a way as to get perfection in every magical item that I recommend for you.

Magical stone “Keprabon” has a lot of uniqueness and strength that is able to balance and relax the performance of your brain and protect you from the attack of black magic. The energy contained in this magic stone has a very positive and very strong energy. During the process of transferring energy to the rock I made special fasts and rituals to parallelize to get blessings from the almighty. The way this stone works is very easy. You just need to carry it wherever you go. So that the energy in this stone will continue to flow strong aura and surround your body. You can also make rings, bracelets or accessories for your necklace / pendant.

The benefits of the magical stone “keprabon”:

Streamlining gets the way to luck.

Improve the system of giving ideas so that business increases and advances.

Makes you sensitive in capturing business opportunities and developing them

media to increase your aura of authority.

The magical power produced by this stone, because the owner’s aura radiates more and more so that the business being carried out will be interesting especially in the field of services.

Add buyers to traders so that visitors are more crowded.

Increase the work power of your brain more able to think clearly.

Generating negotiation skills for the wearer

Growing confidence in the user.

The magical power of khodam can cause a business that is being worked on by its owner to be strong and protected from riots by workers or customers.

Khodam in magic stones, will produce high levels of positive energy.

Providing intuition about inspiration to improve the business that is being run.

All the magical items that I send to you, I will give you a guide after the item you have received is trying to get the energy from the item. You can contact me for further consultation. I guarantee the goods you buy will function.

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