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Magical Stone "King of the turtles"


Magical Stone “King of the turtles”




The benefits of this stone are:

The energy in the stone attracts compassion, pellets, love, attention, respect, and the attention of others, to the guards
Spiritual sources make the guard more visible and also remembered by colleagues and colleagues.
Potential sources of love are easier to identify and long and harmonious marriages can occur.
Good luck will follow those who are looking for a new career. Whether the stone guard looks for a new position or wants to climb the career ladder, the spirit will give you luck and bathe you in a positive aura.
Traders will see an increase in business and prosperity for their products.
These magic stones can be used to uproot or heal all forms of spiritual attacks and drive away evil spirit entities.
For those who are sterile but want to have offspring, it will help you to successfully create offspring.
Spiritual energy positively influences your children in religion, good behavior, and knowledge.
For doctors who want to have many patients
Property in stone Increase your authoritative presence and influence in public.
Protect from physical threats

I will give instructions for how to use the item. And I will include the name of the spirit or genie on the item. You will get a guarantee for all the problems you face.

Additional information

Weight 1000 g


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