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Magical stone "White Deer"


Magical stone “White Deer”




The name of the genie will be shared with the package that comes. you will get the right method of use. give the oil provided in the package to maintain the energy strength in the item. every Thursday night for one month.

The following virtues of this items are presented below:
you will be safe from any kind of disaster
you will be safe from slander by bad people
you will be safe from attacks by enemy
you will be respected and worshipped by those you come into contact with
you will gain trust from the leaders
you will fulfill all your wishes
you will win in every case / affair
you will ease financial troubles and increase income
you will be safe from spells, casts, black magic and temptations of the devil
A single woman with the stone, God willing she will find their soulmate
God willing, you will be able to avoid theft, fires

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Weight 500 g


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