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Magickal Mustika Centipede


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Magickal Mustika Centipede


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Magickal Mustika this centipede is a type of mustika taken from the mouth of the King of Centipedes. In another dimension I can mention that every animal has an extraordinary ability. Because he has meditated and devoted himself to surrender to the creator, for thousands of years so that he has the ability the extraordinary given to God and all the energy of the universe. Because of his sincerity when he meditated, close to the creator. Centipede Mustika can emit light in the dark. The king of the centipede’s eyes often glow red at night.

On my site realancientmagic.com only has two seeds of mustika lipan. This belongs to the king and queen of centipedes. They gave it to me because they felt that in my meditation in the cave Selarong was very good and it was appropriate to receive their gifts. The way to use mustika is very easy. after the item comes to you, you just need to swallow this Mustika. it doesn’t harm your digestion. I guarantee everything will be fine. After your item is swallowed, it will automatically work. Your eyes will be transparent and you can see the magical world around you.

The benefits of mustika centipede are:

Align physical and mental conditions

All bidders can be from wild and venomous animals,

Disappear or so that the owner cannot be seen by others,

Helping to give anger to find out things that are hidden through khodam which keeps mustika either through vision or a whisper in the ear that tells hidden cases even though the owner does not see them,

Your eyes will be transparent,

Increases sensitivity to feelings,

Bring objects that are beronii or high luck,

Immunity from all sharp weapons.

Facilitate the coming of sustenance.

Business legacy,

Parenting or emitting an extraordinary aura so that those who see you will be captivated.

Seeing the unseen nature.


After the item arrives, you can contact me and there will be a guide from me. So that everything goes perfectly. You will get a consultation for every problem you face for free. There were no restrictions to use the Mustika centipede. All contain positive values.

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