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Magickal Pearl "Tattoo Egg"


Magickal Pearl “Tattoo Egg”


Benefits of magickal pearls “tattoo eggs”:

The energy attracts luck from all directions.

Attract customers to come to your place of business.

Make it easier for you to get multiple benefits from your business.

Make your place of business feel more comfortable.

Many customers are more suitable for your product.



Pearl-shaped Magickal is an ancient object and we found it in the Merapi Mountains, which are in the middle. It has a form like a chicken egg in general but this object is made of bronze, it could be that it used to be a talisman made by a person who had very strong spiritual art in the days of the ancient kingdom. Because the energy inside this object is very strong.

Our spiritual teacher discovered this object when after the eruption of Mount Merapi, it was buried 2 meters deep buried by cold lava from the rest of the material released by Mount Merapi. This object was found accidentally at night, when our spiritual teacher saw something emanating from the ground. After being detected with vibration waves that are so strong, our spiritual teacher knows the position of the object as deep as 2 meters. After meditating to communicate with the magical world that is around, the object emerges from the ground and emits smoke that is so strong energy.



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Additional information

Weight 300 g


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