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Magickal Stone "Ascetic Snake"


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Magickal Stone “Ascetic Snake”


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In ancient kejawen snakes tend to have extraordinary levels of mysticism. snake is a guardian of treasure and occult knowledge. They can manifest themselves as half humans / half snakes or just as snakes. all according to caste and their level.

our spiritual teacher recommends this ascetic spirit, because they are strong beings, they can watch over you and help your spiritual and mystical development. They can help maintain and increase your wealth and wealth even though the world economy is contracting. everything will work without you knowing that everything is well organized. according to the instructions of the creator and your hard work.

This magic stone is a rock that has the power of a snake spirit inside. and according to the instructions and functions that you will get. we all recommend with very positive strength. for your good and your family. how to use is very easy to carry when you travel anywhere.


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