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Magickal Stone "Black Tiger Pendant"


Magickal Stone “Black Tiger Pendant”


The benefits of the black tiger pendant are:

Open and strengthen your aura of authority.

Give a very great charisma to the owner.

Your subordinates will be more respectful of you and obey you.

You are more confident and more courageous.

The enemy will feel trembling when facing you.

Become a shield of black magic that will attack you.

Strengthen your position in a position.

Give your body a prime.



This black tiger pendant is a very amazing pendant. With very strong magical powers that are empowered for your good. Because the shape of the pendant that has a pattern of black tiger fur is identical to the level of sacredness of an object that already has a high level. Black tigers often appear in places that have extraordinary sacredness and awesomeness. the form of a black tiger often appears as a guardian of the place.

The magical power of this black tiger has never been doubted by experienced Kejawen spiritual circles. Khodam your black day is not easy to get even though that person has been meditating for so long. Only the chosen person can get the black tiger khodam. This pendant is perfect for officials, bosses in large companies, leaders in a war general army.



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Additional information

Weight 300 g


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