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Magickal stone "jodo"


Magickal stone “jodo”


The benefits of the “jodo” magickal stone are:

Develop and enhance magnetism and personal charisma.

throw away bad luck in yourself.

opening a very strong lure aura.

speed up you get a life partner.

provide harmony in your household.

make people around you become more like you.



powerful and rare magickal natural stone charms. This amulet stone is one that is highly sought after by shamans and spiritual physicians because of its extraordinary strength to bring in someone’s client or partner.The method of use is to use a charm stone in your pocket or on a necklace, ring or key chain so you can carry it at any time. In this way he will give the owner an extraordinary aura of grace.This amulet stone is also good for strengthening and arousing one’s inner strength, increasing one’s self-confidence. You will find that this amulet will bring the power of strong positive influence into your life.

this “jodo” magickal stone does not have a spirit that is familiar with it. In accordance with its nature the spirit of khodam has its own extraordinary power which can be utilized and used by its owner, has been further enhanced through metaphysical rituals.



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Weight 300 g


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