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Magickal Stone "Magic Pendant"


Magickal Stone “Magic Pendant”


The benefits of this magic pendant are:

Gives you your confidence and curiosity with magic.

Increase your sensitivity in the astral world.

Strengthen your concentration power to learn spiritual science.

Strengthen the ability of your suggestions and instincts, to hone your inner level.

You are not easily penetrated by the attacks of evil genies and evil spirits.

Enhance the abilities you are learning now about spiritual matters.

Give you the opportunity to be faster to master an ability that you have never mastered.



A black cat is a domestic cat that has plain black fur. Black cats are believed to have myths that are synonymous with bad luck, but there are also people who believe that black cats bring good fortune. Black cats in Indonesia are considered mystical omens. One of the famous myths of black cats in Indonesia is that if a body is jumped by a black cat, then the corpse will rise again and be controlled by the evil spirit that the black cat brought. All that continues to be believed today. The kejawen spiritual experts really understand all that.

This pendant has a close relationship with the magical value contained in the black cat’s energy. Black that has a strong color. with characteristics that cannot be mixed with other colors. black is often used as a symbol of strength that is strong and not easy to penetrate. kejawen spiritual experts often use oversized clothes that are all black. This pendant has the same energy as the character described by black cats and black characters. These pendants are empowered by our spiritual teachers for those of you who want to accelerate learning at a high level of spiritual science.



All items are equipped with Item Instructions Paper. This will be sent to you along with the items you choose. After you receive the package, you can get a free consultation via our email


Items can vary in size, color, and appearance of the displayed image; But the goal

Will remain the same as described above. We guarantee that your problem is or destination is complete.

Additional information

Weight 200 g


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