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Magickal Stone “Ronggo Lawe”


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Magickal Stone “Ronggo Lawe”


The benefits of Magickal Stone “Ronggolawe” are:

– Amulet stones will make a magical protective fence around your house

– Your house and items will be protected from danger, both physical and metaphysical

– You will be able to ward off and avoid black magic, songs, spells, magic, etc.

– You will be safe from danger, accidents and physical injuries

– neutralize the negative aura in yourself.

– You will emit strong energy and an authoritative presence

– You will advance in your business or career

Out of stock



Realancientmagic.com gets many good suggestions, and we will continue to remember and always give the best to our clients.. This amulet stone brings many virtues to develop your own spiritual strength. With the help of this amulet stone you will be spared from black magic attacks. In addition, you will be safe from harm and physical injury, and can ward off bad luck and misfortune.

This is a wonderful thing to have if you want to increase spiritual awareness, ensure your safety, and especially if you feel unlucky and need protection from danger.

Talisman “Ronggolawe” contains the power of the science of the umbrella of the earth and the spirit of Jinn. The power of science is a special power to protect you from all forms of energy and negative, physical or metaphysical disorders.

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Weight 300 g


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