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Megical Meteor Stone

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Megical Meteor Stone

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Benefits Of  Magical Meteor Stones:

The energy from this stone provides a healing of medical diseases within you.

If you place this stone in the room, the place will feel more comfortable and cool.

When placing this stone in a business place, your place of business will avoid evil, Jinn, spirit, and interference from black magic.

This meteor stone has very strong energy to give good luck in every effort you make.

If you put this stone on certain body parts, it will automatically accelerate blood circulation to you.



Realancient magic.com also has an old stone collection. This stone is thought by Spirituals to be a meteorite. The space objects vary in volume. Some are big and some are small. When it slides into the Earth’s atmosphere, the rocks are burned out. However, there were also those who managed to land on Earth. At the time we performed the ritual in the Gunung Kidul area of Central Java, our team immediately saw a light sliding from the sky, a red light like a fireball descending at a place not far from our ritual place. After our team studied the place and searched for the existence of the fireball it turned out to be in the form of a stone that released smoke from this stone.

Our spiritual teacher says this is a meteor stone. This stone is not mustika or mustika pearl but this is indeed a meteorite that fell from the sky according to the events of that time. This rock has very strong energy. For decades we have stored it in a place special.During that time we have examined the benefits contained in the meteorite with such great energy, it turns out this meteor stone is for medical treatment and medical therapy. This stone is very suitable for experts who wrestle in the high spiritual world.


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