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Mustika Bulus White


Mustika Bulus White




Mustika Bulus Putih has been widely known among the public as a mustika to attract wealth / attract sustenance. This mustika is inhabited by a white Bulus khodam that we got from the unseen withdrawal in the wingit crater. Mustika Bulus Putih is believed to be effective in bringing sustenance from various directions, selling trade, bringing in many new buyers and customers, locking customers from moving to other places, providing supernatural protection for places of business from competitors’ interference, raising businesses that are on the verge of bankruptcy, increasing turnover. maximum income, emitting a positive aura at the place of business and eliminating negative energy around the place of business, returning enemy shipments that intend to destroy the business, facilitating business development and opening new branches, smoothing the circulation of capital money, selling commerce, and many more benefits others with care and use.

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Weight 200 g


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