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Mustika Gumuk Mas

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Mustika Gumuk Mas

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This mustika was found on a hill in Ungaran which is believed to be a supernatural kingdom, on certain days from a distance, a mountain that radiates a golden color, because of our curiosity, finally on an occasion we could perform a special ritual and get a mustika which we named Mustika Gumuk Mas, In the course of time this mustika is believed to open the aura of charisma and insight and the sensitivity of the inner eye. Increasing authority when dealing with people, subjecting all enemies in dealing with cases becomes submissive, submissive and obedient. Can be a means if you are just learning kanuragan and if you know mysticism, you can add tremendous power if you pursue alternative or traditional healing activities, increase physical immunity and body strength against physical ailments and ghoib diseases in the form of witchcraft, use, etc.

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Weight 300 g


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