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Mustika Puserjagad


Mustika Puserjagad




This mustika is suitable for you as an entrepreneur, or for you who are now starting to start a business. This mustika has a special fortune and is very strong for wealth, business inheritance and fencing.

What is Mustika Puser Jagad?
Mustika Puser Jagad is a mustika from giving a supernatural creature when I did a clairvoyance meditation in Ki Ageng Selo village in Selo Village, tawangharjo sub-district, Grobogan district three years ago. Precisely in the month of Safar on Tuesday Pahing.

Mustika Puser Jagad was given directly by the khodam of its inhabitants in the form of an Old Grandfather named Ki Kusumo Kencono. Ki Kusumo Kencono is one of the trusted servants of Ki Ageng Selo (Sheikh Abdurrahman). After going through special illumination results, the khodam in Mustika Puser Jagad has special benefits for Wealth, business inheritance and business fencing.

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Weight 250 g


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