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Mustika Stone "Dewi Lanjar"


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Mustika Stone “Dewi Lanjar”


The benefits of “Dewi Lanjar” mustika stone are:

all the virtues possessed by Dewi Lanjar’s mustik stone give blessings in every business and business. give luck in running your business. all that is related to luck and your financial increase, is found in the mustard stone owned by Dewi Lanjar. it is not easy to get the spirit of khodam which is owned by the goddess lanjar. many requirements and rituals are very specific for our spiritual teacher. The transfer process takes several days to get perfection.

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Indonesia lies between the vast ocean, the north sea and the south sea. Among these seas is the magnificent Jin kingdom. Dewi Lanjar is a legend that lives in society and is still influential in jiwakali linking with the name Dewi Lanjar, If there is a child playing on the beach missing, of course they think that the child was brought by Dewi Lanjar. And if it can be found again, of course, the child declares himself to be lost in an area or a palace whose inhabitants are also like us. They have activities to make batik, trade, workmanship, fishermen and others that are just like in the city. The area is controlled by a beautiful princess, Dewi Lanjar. This story continues to grow until now and is believed by the surrounding community to be true

It was told at that time there was a very beautiful princess, she was named the yellow rara goddess. Who has a beautiful face like an angel. And is located in Pekalongan, Java. At that time he was so happy because he had obtained a husband as his life companion who was so loyal to him. But happiness was not so long. Her husband died after some time of her marriage. So from that Dewi Rara Kuning then known as Dewi Lanjar. (Lanjar term for a woman who is divorced from her husband at a young age and does not have children). Since her husband died Dewi Lanjar’s life was very miserable and always thought about the departure of his life companion. Such a thing has been going on for some time, but over time Dewi Lanjar thinks that if it is left so it will continue to be bad. So he then decided to leave his hometown. After the goddess Lanjar walked far enough to the river Opak. In this place then met with the King of Mataram with Mahapatih Singaranu who was doing a ritual floating on the river water. During the meeting Dewi Lanjar expressed her heart and also said that she was not willing to remarry. Panembahan Senopati and Mahapatih Singoranu felt sorry and suggested to the goddess Lanjar to meditate on the South Coast and also to face the Queen of South. After a while, they parted and continued their respective trips, Panembahan and Senopati and their patih continued to meditate along the Opak river while Dewi Lanjar went towards the South Coast to face the South Queen. Because of his perseverance and confidence in the advice of the King of Mataram, the Goddess Lanjr finally carried out the process of meditation and ritual for many years and finally could disappear and meet Queen of the South.

During the meeting Dewi Lanjar begged to be her subordinate, and Ratu Kidul had no objections. One day Dewi Lanjar along with the Jinn army was ordered to disrupt and prevent Raden Bahu from opening the Gambiren forest (now it is located around the Pekalongan anim bridge and Sorogenen village where Raden Bahu made a fire) but because of Raden Bahu’s supernatural powers, obtained from Ngalong (like Bats / bat) for years, all temptations of Goddess Lanjar and the genie can be defeated, so they submit to Raden Bahu. Because Dewi Lanjar was unable to fulfill her duties, she decided not to return to the South Coast, but then asked Raden Bahu for permission to live in Pekalongan. By Raden Bahu approved even by Ratu Kidul. Dewi Lanjar was allowed to live on the northern coast of Central Java, especially in Pekalongan. It is said that the location of the palace of Dewi Lanjar is located on the beach of Pekalongan next to the river Slamaran. It is from this event that there is a balance in the island of Java all closely related to events of spiritual traditions and local cultur.


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