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Mustika Stone “Snake”

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Mustika Stone “Snake”

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The benefits of Mustika Stone are

Potential energy will make you appear more dignified
This energy must have the potential to avoid bad people who want to harm you.
Neutralize the aura or negative things become posit.
This energy must be a means to provide a way and guidance to facilitate all your business affairs.
For glory and also the prestige of the king for the owner and the whole family.
If this heirloom is stored in the house then all residents of the house and their owners will feel the benefits.
Able to reject unseen attacks or attacks that will attack you.
Use tranquility or conditioning in your household.
Potentially gives you peace, tranquility, patience in yourself.



Mustika stone, this snake is our mustika collection that we have obtained in the slopes of Mount Welirang in the eastern part of Java. This animal is often associated with ancient witchcraft. It is told that it is the oldest animal that can live in two realms. It is this philosophy that makes snakes often associated with ancient witchcraft. on the Indonesian island of Java, every place of a sacred place is often guarded by a large snake figure, on the island of Java is often called by the name stealth.

This mustika stone we accidentally obtained when our group made a spiritual journey in the village which is said to be famous for its ferocity, this village was surrounded by a very strong magical energy. Until we have to perform certain rituals before entering this village. We have neutralized the energy of mustika so that the influence of negative energy in this mustika is lost, and you don’t need to be afraid of any negative effects in you. Mustika is very suitable as a means of neutralizing negative things in the course of your life.


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