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Mustika Stone"White Lake"

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Mustika Stone”White Lake”

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The Benefits Of This Mustika Stone “White Lake”are:

Your body will radiate healing power. So that your injury will be lighter than it should be.
Build energy to neutralize various diseases that come to Annda.
Always make your body fit and excited when doing activities every day.
Potentially helps relieve the pain you are feeling.
The energy will help alleviate mental problems, hallucinations, phobias, and bad habits.
Treating stress, energy from mustika will affect the subconscious so that you become more calm, comfortable, and relaxed.



This white lake mustika stone”White Lake”, is mustika which has a very positive energy, very strong positive energy. As we know, there are four elements in this nature – namely air, soil, fire, and water. Thus, every person is born under one of the main elements. This mustika stone, has a water element, like the nature of water, their energy flow continues to change and flow becomes stronger. Water elements are generally calm, able to control their feelings. Because the nature of water can adjust the color or place differently, that also applies to this mustika owner. They have perceptions and beliefs in their own lives. They may look shy, but on other occasions they like to talk and joke with people. You will meditate more easily to get calm.

This miraculous power of mustika, provides healing from complaints of diseases that you have suffered so far. Mustika is very suitable for those of you who are looking for a healing development process from the disease that you have suffered so far. We get this Mustika in the lake of the eastern part of Java, with the ritual process for 3 days. This mustika stone, has no negative effect for you,


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Weight 50 g


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