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Mustika Tapak Rogo


Mustika Tapak Rogo




Mustika Tapak Rogo is a potent mustika stone that is obtained spiritually from the results of meditating for 7 days 7 nights. This gemstone has very strong energy for the needs of the body. Like fencing, physical strength, dignity, etc. Khodam in this mustika has the appearance of a servant in the Javanese palace, a man who is quite old with belangkon and a Javanese-style striped shirt, sometimes this man is also seen wearing black clothes with black headband too.

Good luck / benefits and benefits of a mustika tapak rog0:
Shield from black magic attacks
As a giver of intuition, if a bad thing happens to you either by a whisper or by blocking you from coming to that place, for example by making you suddenly sick or so on.
Soak and Pellets
Neutralizing bad aura due to energy from unfavorable places that you come to or stop by without knowing that the place is covered with negative energy or jinn
The body displays of khodam and intruding jinns
Active immunity that you can try after harmonizing with bathing in mustika water, without reading or teaching all kinds of permissions to the mustika khodam and khodam around you so as not to interfere when you try it
Physical strength that comes out of your body when you are bullied or dizholimi then you can take 3 people at once without you feeling tired when fighting
Khodam companion which is very polite if it is not disturbed and disturbed by the ketengannya and the safety of this mustika holder
Authority gives a customary leader or leader of a village or village who is highly respected by all its inhabitants
6 senses and intuition increasingly sensitive

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Weight 200 g


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