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Pearl Master Centipede

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Pearl Master Centipede

Call for Price



This is a super pearl owned by a master centipede that has been meditation for thousands of years. there is no doubt if you want to get it. This pearl centipede is original and has a high level of energy … if you have this pearl you will have a third eye capable of seeing astral beings. and will have supernatural powers such as paranormal or high priest priests who have studied spiritual arts for decades.

This pearl has a special ability compared to the other centipedes … price is a guarantee that the goods you buy have more special features … and rare is not easy for you to get. with the power of pearls naturally and the magic power that we provide through high-level spells will make pearls stronger and more perfect.
I will provide the right way to use it for you. After the package comes, you can contact me to consult with each obstacle that you face. Through the via WhatsApp, I have applied it on my website.

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Weight 500 g


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