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Pearl Of Sacred Trees


Pearl Of Sacred Trees




This sacred tree pearl is two interconnected Mustika and must not be separated, both have very strong positive energy. This is our rarest collection and this is the only one we have. These two pearls are like a man and woman who have love and do not want to be separated, if we hold the one pearl and we attach it to the other pearl then the pearl moves they have a very strong magnetic field that is connected between these magic pearls. If they are close to the iron they do not want to stick, because everything is related to the unseen world that resides in the pearl.

According to the spiritual teacher Realancientmagic.com, telling us the real world and the astral world are not much different from our lives in the world. The only difference is time and space that cannot be together. we have a body, they occupy an object in this universe. They also pair up like us. In this pearl sits a man and woman. Our spiritual teacher says this pearl is said to be a mate. The energy of these two pearls is multi-functional and there are so many benefits that are contained in the magical Pearl. For decades we have stored in a special place and not just anyone can see the shape of this pearl. And now it’s time we give you the opportunity to be able to have this magic pearl. All this doesn’t have a negative effect on you in the future, because we have guaranteed everything for the good of you and your family. The energy in this magic pearl is very positive.

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Weight 200 g


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