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Pomegranate Red Master Stone

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Pomegranate Red Master Stone

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This pomegranate red stone is indeed very special and is often said to have a lot of magic. whoever can have it, he will get whatever he wants. Assets, women, everything seems easy when someone has this stone. In fact, red pomegranate stones also make a person able to gain extensive power. Now, with these properties. You will have good luck in every life you live in. He will provide immunity from sharp weapons and rifles. Even for wealth and reach a high position. This stone can emit black when you put it in water and is useful for healing medical or non-medical.

Among the people, especially rock fans in Java, who are not abusive, they strongly believe that pomegranate stones are indeed lucky. Since this stone has always been associated with many magical benefits such as immune weapons, it can make a best-selling effort, it can even make the user disappear. Not only that, for the owner’s own physicality, this stone also provides benefits. Whoever uses it, then immediately seems very authoritative, handsome, and also becomes very attractive in the eyes of women. In essence, indirectly this stone makes the owner have a better life.

Searching for it yourself is also a way. Not as long as you dig and then meet, the search for pomegranate always involves magical things. I, as a spiritual practitioner, say that looking for this stone requires special rituals that have many processions. More or less the same as looking for magical heirlooms. The search is also not done once or twice but often. Even though the search was carried out continuously, the possibility of getting the pomegranate red was never certain, even the opportunity was very small.but for, pomegranate master stones, I only have one. that’s why I gave it at a high price.

items will be accompanied by instructions on how to care and use. I guarantee that you buy will certainly function according to its usefulness.

This pomegranate red stone is the highest level. this is a master

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Weight 500 g


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