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Pringwulung Mustika

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Pringwulung Mustika

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Mustika Pring Wulung Stone is one of the collections of Mustika Stone which is included in the plant mustika stone category. Because, this mustika stone was obtained from the bamboo tree segment (pring) wulung.

Wulung bamboo is a bamboo whose segments are dark in color, tend to be black. Binding wulung is also one of the plants that naturally has a very strong magical protective energy. Especially if used for protection from attacks by black magic and black magic.

Besides being used as a means of magical fencing (anti-witchcraft), the stone mustika pring wulung can be used as luck to be a god to get wealth and position (career success).

The metaphysical energy in the pring wulung mustika comes from the khodam that resides in it. The khodam is in the form of a beetle tiger, with a height of about 2 meters. This khodam tiger wulung beetle has bright green eyes with pointed white fangs.

Besides appearing in the form of a panther. Khodam mustika stone has another form, in the form of a warrior figure. From his explanation, this khodam is a follower of Prabu Jayabaya.

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