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Segara Kidul Musti Stone

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Segara Kidul Musti Stone

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who is not familiar with the south coast in Java, which is also referred to by the Javanese people as SEGARAKIDUL beach. this beach holds a million mystics. which will not end if told about the strange and impossible events that could occur. SEGARAKIDUL or south coast you are the core of the highest power or kingdom of the strongest and largest genie in Indonesia, especially the island of Java which has the nickname as a mysterious island. and it is told that in the past the island of Java was inhabited only by all spirits or jinns, and the giants who had their kingdoms and kings had the name DEWATACENGKAR. this king likes to eat human flesh to strengthen his strength and knowledge. then every human who wants to enter the island of Java will surely die and not be able to return home to his country. and many stories many from countries outside the island of Java who want to occupy the island of Java before entering this island will be intercepted by an army of jinn who turned into big waves and strong winds. so that their ships will sink before reaching this island. even the genie group and a strong spirit can turn into large and wild animals to eat humans who enter the island of Java. until there is a powerful mandraguna named Aji Saka who can occupy and stop in this island. with many requirements with the kingdom of jinn or the lord of the island of Java.
Benefits / good luck stone Geni Segara Kidul:
Khodam self shield
Bring in good luck hockey
Strong fencing
Generates positive energy so as to make the atmosphere of the inhabited place comfortable
Make mustika owners avoid negative aura that causes disease
Attack the dangerous enemies of the warriors
Occult treatment
Double the power of metaphysical power
Increase the sensitivity of the five senses to the 6th
Means for opening inner eyes
Open the third inner eye
Increasing the strength of the midbrain that has advantages

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