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Single Queen Tribuana Pendant


Single Queen Tribuana Pendant




The real name of Tribhuwana Wijayatunggadewi (or abbreviated as Tribhuwana) is Dyah Gitarja. She is the daughter of Raden Wijaya and Gayatri. Has a younger sibling named Dyah Wiyat and a step sister named Jayanagara. During the reign of Jayanagara (1309-1328) he was appointed as subordinate ruler in Jiwana with the title of Bhre Kahuripan. the tribuana is the queen of the Majapahit kingdom
Efficacy of Self Charisma
Bring out the aura of self-charisma so that you are respected and accepted by many people.
Strengthen your aura of charm / attraction.
Open your face so that your face looks more radiant.
You will look better looking or prettier than before.
Your radiant charm will make you more famous in your field. This benefit is suitable for artists, artists, speakers, speakers, consultants, officials, political figures and so on.
Increase your confidence with your physical improvement.
Your boss and coworkers will love you more.
Makes you look younger, waiting for aging to a reasonable extent.

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