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Stone Mustika Mount Kemukus

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Stone Mustika Mount Kemukus

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Mount Kemukus Mustika Stone is a philosopher’s object in the form of agate as a result of a ritual on the Kemukus mountain precisely in the tomb of Prince Samudro’s tomb. The ritual is held on Friday night of kliwon last year. Mustika has been through the process for 41 days for fasting and synchronization, resulting in a very strong power for pressing. We are sorry we can’t display this photo for safety reasons.

Benefits of Mount Kemukus Mustika:
High level pressing pellet.
Conquering your partner as you wish.
Make your first meeting with the opposite sex memorable and always think of you.
Your partner will obey all your wishes.
Your partner will obey what you say.
Conquer your partner so that it makes it easier to drain his property.
Luck in romance.
Means pellets through dreams.
Means of pellets with eye.
Bowing hard hearts.
Other benefits that you can feel when you have this mustika are:
Generating high levels of authority and charisma.
Increases attractiveness towards the opposite sex.
Sharpen your instincts in approaching the opposite sex.
Makes you a very attractive figure in the eyes of your partner.
Make your partner fall asleep with you.
Make your partner love you blindly.
Means to lock a partner so as not to turn to another heart.
Make it easier for you to invite your partner to have sex.
When the first introduction with the opposite sex, will always be remembered and carried away dreams.

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