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Stone Mustika “Pearl Lanse”


Stone Mustika “Pearl Lanse”


The Benefits Of This Stone Mustika “Pearl Lanse” Are:


Digestive ingredients in your body.

Energy will improve your immune system.

Means to neutralize toxins in your body.

Able to expedite blood flow in your body.

Aging premature aging slows down.

Absorb oxygen optimally.

Dissolve the negative energy inside you into positive energy.

Means to treat all diseases that you suffer from both medical and non-medical.



Real Ancient Magic.com has many magical objects, one of which is the lanse Pearl mustika stone. We got this mustika stone from the ritual results in a cave in Central Java, precisely in the cave of Lanse. This cave is located on the slope of the limestone mountain which borders the south Java Sea. Many pilgrims in my cave look for supernatural powers, and some come to the cave to get closer to the creator. we get this mustika stone through very difficult obstacles. Especially the road to the cave is very steep and many spiritual experts become victims of the sea when heading there.

Batu Mustika This is taken by a spiritual teacher who has knowledge in the field of magic, this is perfect for those of you who have a prolonged illness and have been looking for drugs everywhere but there are no results. Because mustika stone energy is very positive so it can neutralize. toxins or viruses that are inside you so you will recover quickly and you are not susceptible to diseases that make you suffer.


All items are equipped with Item Instructions Paper. This will be sent to you along with the item you choose. After you receive the package from us, you can get a free consultation via our email.


Items can vary in size, color, and appearance of the displayed image; But the goal will remain the same as described above.

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Weight 100 g


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