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Stone Mustika Pancuran Emas


Stone Mustika Pancuran Emas




Stone Mustika Pusaka Pancuran Emas our collection which has the energy of luck in finding fortune. Mustika Pancuran Stone is the name of this mustika. Mustika that we got at Petilasan Keramat in Central Java. This mustika has natural fortune as inheritance, fortune etc.

Benefits of Mustika Pancuran Emas:
Bring luck and luck in all jobs.
Bring unexpected fortune from various sources and directions.
Make sustenance flowing profusely.
Paving the way to achieve glory and success.
It’s easy to get business opportunities to achieve glory.
Luck in trading business.
Luck in all business matters.
Eliminating all interference and negative influences.
Luck in developing a career and achieving a position.
Always radiate positive energy within yourself so that all opportunities for success are wide open.
How to use Mustika Pusuran Emas:
It is very easy to use Mustika Pusuran Pancuran Emas, just bring it anywhere and save it so it doesn’t disappear

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Weight 230 g


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