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Stone RAJAMATARAM berkhodam

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Stone RAJAMATARAM berkhodam

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This stone has the strength and berkhodam, found in the highest mountain in Indonesia, while on a spiritual journey an ascetic he found this stone, and this stone was handed over to me to be rewarded for the sake of helping people who need it, the use of this stone is to support a career and the triumph of a business, because this stone has a strong and rigid rigidity,
What kind of stone is the khodam? How do you communicate with the khodam and what are the characteristics or signs when the khodam is present around you, all of it returns to each of us, do not double our gods, because we have our respective beliefs,
This mustika stone is bigger than an agate ,,, obviously, because this mustika stone purely derived from the wild will survive than animals that are kept, but in terms of animal tame from the wild there must be a process of conquest, a ritual is needed specially, therefore this stone is very useful or useful,

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