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Stone Red Beads

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Stone Red Beads

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The original red cemanik cemanik is one of the oldest collections of various mustikas that we have that are thousands of years old. We will present it to anyone who wants to have it. in this mustika has a very positive and very strong aura.
realancientmagic is one of the spiritual online stores that are original from the Majapahit descendants from generation to generation so that our collections are more useful and always work when used around the world.
The uses of red cemanik mustika are:

Means of business success that you live,
Make it easier to reach positions to enhance your career,
Strong affection for the opposite sex,
A powerful escape for those of you who do business,
Smoothly achieve abundant fortune from all directions,
The attraction of many people to support you,
Awaken god-level authority,
The charm of nature will radiate from your body,
Make it easier for you to get your dream mate,
Loved by many of the opposite sex,
Awaken and strengthen your kebatinan,
Unlock spiritual knowledge,
Raising an invisible sibling for all intents,
Magic fence for you and your family,
Get rid of the sengkolo energy within you.
when the package arrives you can immediately notify me so that I can immediately give instructions that you can do when reading a spell or how to use this magic item.

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Weight 300 g


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