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The Benefits Of Mustika Magic

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The Benefits Of Mustika Magic

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This magical item is not a random mystical item, the ritual of mystical items is always carried out on Friday Kliwon and Tuesday Kliwon nights, therefore the benefits and the Fadillah are very well-functioning and their efficacy has been tested, our mystical items can be accounted for because of the results. It doesn’t become in vain for the understanding.
Mustika magic benefits:

To awaken the knowledge of Malay Hulubalang Penggerun.
For a means of submitting views and intentions.
Powerful means to frighten enemies and opponents.
Magical energy that is efficacious to eliminate fear within.
To awaken the science of the face of the tiger penggerun.
You will have a voice that is fierce, authoritative, respected and respected.
Gives the spirit energy of the tiger soul.
For body resistance or immunity.
For a magical fence to protect oneself from human persecution, disturbance of jinn and animals.
Awaken your mysticism
Generating inner energy
A magical fortress that shields oneself from magic attacks
Feeling the presence of supernatural beings
King’s authority
Victory and power.

How to use the benefits of the magic mustika:

It’s very easy to use the Mustika Sakti Benefits, later it will be sent when the package is in your hands / can also be sent together with the package
How to take care of the benefits of the magic mustika:

How to take care of the benefits of the magic Mustika Requires special care Just take it with you when worshiping and God willing, the energy will get stronger
The Prohibition of Using the Benefits of Magical Mustika:

If you pay for the benefits of the magic Mustika, there are no strange taboos, only you are not allowed to do any negative things and don’t use it for mourning, if you do this, the energy from the tattoo will decrease / disappear

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