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White Kojang Mustika


White Kojang Mustika




Open the door to your wealth from all directions
Bringing your efforts forward
Opening the aura of wealth so that profits will be abundant
Make you a person who works diligently, is more enthusiastic about working and motivated to be rich
Increase enthusiasm for work so that your turnover or income will increase / increase
Open your own aura so it is easy to get promoted
Melt the heart of your boss who will make it easier to apply for a salary increase / promotion
If you have a business, then your business will always be given smoothness and success
If you are a salesperson, then what you say can attract a lot of customers.
Make your business rivals be defeated or feel less competitive with you
Winning company tenders, if you work for a company
Those of you who are unemployed will quickly get a job
If you are a trader, the merchandise will sell quickly
If you are a celebrity then you will also get many offers / jobs

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Weight 300 g


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