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Amulets to Increase Fertility to have Children


Amulets to Increase Fertility to have Children




As a means for uterine fertility in order to quickly obtain offspring.
Increase the chances of pregnancy.
Increase passion in making love with a partner.
Increase the instinct in having sex so that it can satisfy one another.
Increase the instinct to vary in sex.
Make intimate relationships with partners more intensive.
Assist in the healing process of venereal disease disorders.
As a means of magical fences to avoid disturbing supernatural things.
Eliminates all occult disturbances that interfere with the process of pregnancy.
Neutralizes self-destructive occult disturbances.
Increases confidence between partners so as to speed up the pregnancy process.
As a means of harmonizing a positive aura with a partner who has energy differences.
Strengthens sperm so that it can achieve the desired pregnancy.
Harmony in the household is increasing.

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Weight 500 g


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